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Uncategorized is a place to find and spread good information about cities you want to travel to, as long as that city is London.

FridayCities is an invite only members club to share information and network. The company started in London and there is a great wealth of information about it, and free shows that are playing there, the smoking ban and many other things that are important to Londoners. FridayCities states that it plans to make its site more global in the near future, but since the site is invite only, it could be hard for that to spread quickly. The site is linked to an informative and interesting blog column called Radar which speaks about a wide spectrum of topics in London and sometimes covers some interesting underground events. In Their Own Words

Joining Fridaycities is by invitation only. To join you’ll need an invitation code from an existing member.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site can be very entertaining and is definitely easy to navigate through and find col factoids about London. I think that it is really only Londoners on the site now gives it a good niche that they might not want to change. It is more familiar and particular to one area than say a MySpace and that gives it a new vibe for the people living there. They have a very high Alexa ranking already.

Some Questions About

Right now the site is free to use and doesn’t have any ads anywhere on the site, so how is this company every going to be lucrative? Maybe in time if the business model it changes it could be, but not now.