Friday Tech Top Ten


It’s Friday people! And you know what? I’m feeling like I got hit by a truck. Friends in town for a week combined with the endless nights of my current city make for a sleep-deprived, semi-conscious Holly. No sleep till Brooklyn, right? But I tell you what, getting up on Friday to bring you the week’s Tech Top Ten is reason enough to grab some water, pop some Advil and pull it all together. So here it is. Let’s rock and roll.




1. LemonBricks

“I’m still not at the purchasing a house point in life but if I was and if I lived in the UK, LemonBricks would be a great place to turn for help with streamlining the majorly stressful process that is this major life step.”


Keith dishes out this awesome house-hunting app here.


2. Fermin Zelada of coWonder

“Startup founder Fermín Zelada created coWonder to help people help each other flesh out all of their great ideas. The site allows people to propose “challenges,” which other members then comment on with suggestions.”


Check out Emma’s post here.


3. Positive vibes, productive life

“With the risk of sounding new age, if you want to live a productive life,  it’s all about good energy and feeling the positive vibes. But there is definitely an art to it. So, here are some top stress-relieving, positive-vibe-feeling tips to help you live fully and productively and up to your awesome potential.”



Check my top tips here.

4. Whawhee founder Thien Doan

“Our passions define who we are. But it is through shared experiences that these passions come to life. This is why we created Whawhee – a revolutionary social media platform that connects you with nearby users who share your goals and interests.”


Check out full interview here.


5. Jason Sadler helps you launch your crazy idea

When you’re known for unique marketing ideas, people always want to know what the next crazy thing is. This is part of the hidden, residual value of creativity in business.


Check out YEC’s Jason Sadler’s 6 steps here.


6. Plooky

“Plooky is a platform that collects interesting, unusual, and strange Wikipedia articles. Click on titles to visit the full entries or on another button to read a different article. No account, no password – nothing more required than curiosity and a little space for wonder in your day. It’s really that simple and enjoyable.”



Check out more on this bizarre site here.


7. Socialwalk founder Tham Keng Yew

“Socialwalk is like a dating website, except we serve businesses. Specifically, we match up buyers and suppliers. For a supplier or manufacturer looking to export, we connect you with potential buyers and distributors globally.”


Check the goodness here.


8. ShopSavvy

“Now that I’m a bit less turkey sedated, and the Black Friday and Cyber Monday crowds have thinned a bit, I’m definitely grateful for the help of the ShopSavvy application to make my holiday purchases.”



Check out your new shopping best friend here.


9. Developing a content marketing strategy

“Question: What’s one thing businesses developing a content marketing strategy need to do before getting started?”


Check out YEC’s top tips here.


10. Kiss or Diss

“Oh, the Internet. It’s provided us so many ways to do so many things, including the all-important process of dating. Kiss or Diss is a new dating site that is making this online phenomenon a little more… well… interesting”


I’ve got the dish on this saucy site here.


Right, it’s sunny out. Time to carpe diem and unplug. Oh yes, and drink lots and lots of water. I suggest you do the same. Happy weekend, ya’ll!