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It’s Friday, and the sun is shining on my part of the world. You know what that means? That means I’m a very happy gal. And, you know how I’m going to make you happy too, (in case the fact that it’s Friday isn’t reason enough)? I’m going to gather this week’s tech top ten so you can catch up on all the best stories from the KillerStartups crew. Click. Read. Enjoy. Boom.





1. Gripevine

“In the spirit of venting complaints, Gripevine is a platform for sharing customer service frustrations. Who’s with me? If you’ve ever felt like nobody is listening or nothing will ever come of your grumbling, plant your gripe, post your story here.”


Full article from my man Keith here.


2. Bright Ideas – Crowdfunding Success

“In step with the theme of luminous projects, Bright Ideas is a crowdfunding almanac – a treasure trove of crowdfunding information. This unique resource will include interviews with the creators of successful Kickstarter projects, instructions for assembling the various components of an effective campaign, and a directory of experts (compiled from recommendations by the experts themselves).”


Check it here.

3. Interview with Nutmeg Founder Nick Hungerford

“The brilliance of Nutmeg is the simplicity throughout the product. Nutmeg is straight-forward to use, it is relevant and informative, but Nutmeg does not over-complicate or seek to be overly superior”


Check the full awesome interview with Nick here.

4. Disrupt an entire industry

“Regardless of what industry you examine, you’ll find it’s typically not the experienced players — the people with existing high-powered relationships within their target industries and multi-million dollar R&D budgets — who end up creating the “next great thing.”


Find out how to make some industry noise with YEC’s Matt Mickiewicz here.

5. Beathound

“Music has always been a part of my experience and so for me, the leg work of looking for new music is exciting but for many people, there just isn’t time for that. So how do the rest of you find new music you should be listening to but aren’t? Edmonton-based startup Beathound has come to the rescue.”


Check the fresh beats here.


6. Inspirational Women CEOs

“Question: Who is one young female CEO who has inspired you in the last several months? What did they do that was so inspirational?”


Find out who made the cut here.


7.  Again Studios

“Again Studios is an animated video production company that turns your concept, product, service or cause into a short explainer video that helps your audience engage with and understand your business better, all while keeping them interested and entertained.”


Find out more about this awesome startup here.


8. Exciting new projects from crowdfunding site Fundable

“I love trolling Kickstarter for cool stuff as much as the next 20-something with too much time and too little money but let’s step away from that mother of all crowdfunding sites for a minute, shall we? I want to direct your attention Fundable, another great crowdfunding site with a specific focus on startups.”


Check Emma’s musings here.

9. Gifthit

“GiftHit allows you to buy a real, physical product and send it to a friend through a Facebook wall post, email, or text. The founders bill it as “the best way to say hi, happy birthday, sorry I stole your boyfriend, congrats, and just about anything.”


Find out more here.


10. Startup security

“With the reliance on new technology, cloud services, and social media for business the truth is that most startups don’t have a proper system in place to protect against hackers or malware. Startups run into issues in areas such as Internet security practices, the way data breaches are handled, and how the technology of the startup is managed overall.”


Get all the startup security tips here.


Excellent! You’ve caught up on all the best tech tips so now you can go and have a cheeky pint. It’s Friday – if you lived in England you would already be at the pub.


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