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FreshBadge.comWant to create your trademark on your website and blogs? If you are in the mood to be creative go to

At you can design your own logo and add some funk to your page. Creating a logo is quite simple. The site takes you through three easy steps. First you choose the shape and color of your badge as well as your text. There are four different shapes, which are all a pretty similar round shape. You can choose the color of the badge and the border color. Then you choose the text, what you want written, the color, font, etc.. The second step is adding flare, glare, gloss, shadow, swirling shapes, make your badge unique. The last step is to create the badge and download it so you can use it as you please. Have fun and be creative. In Their Own Words

“Whether you’re creating a trendy sticker type badge for your blog, your very web 2.0 website, or your scrapbook (both digital scrapbooks and touchable scrapbooks alike) – the creation of badges will surely be a way to freshen-up any page! We hope you enjoy this very quick and easy way to liven up any website!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site is a lot of fun and easy to use. You can even drag your new badge to your website to see if you like how it looks on your site. For those who are impatient, you might get a bit frustrated at times because a detailed badge can take a while to finish updating. Also while you are making design decisions you cannot see how they affect your badge until your badge is created.

Some Questions About

The site allows you to go into great detail about the specifics of your badge design, but there are other programs such as Photoshop that have more features and allow you to be even more creative. Will people prefer to other graphic programs and sites? might want to add even more variation to compete with other sites, such as a larger shape selection or more special effects.