– A Sports Fan Community is the ultimate fan sport fan site where the fans control the content on the site. gives fans the opportunity to express themselves and discuss the sports topics that interest them. Create a profile and add the sports: videos, comments and groups that you enjoy. You can make a comment using your webcam and post it or post your favorite sports videos from YouTube. You can post, watch and rate videos online. Create a public or private group where you and your friends can discuss sport topics. You can search the site by choosing, people, videos, groups, and headlines. You can them type in a key word and search the sites content. Besides searching through videos and making new friends you can participate in the contests. If you know a certain team will win make a bet. Be the ultimate fan at In Their Own Words

“We set out to create a place for fans to take control of sports talk. We want to give you the platform to voice your opinions, passions and predictions.
We know you don’t want to be left on the outside, being told what to think. So we have created an arena for you to debate the hottest sports headlines, win prizes and watch the best sports video online.
Sharing your videos and opinions is easy. Choose between Recording with your Webcam, Uploading Video from your computer or Embedding video from other sites like Youtube and Revver.
You can make a statement about last night’s game or share that amazing clip that you found first.
It’s your site. We give you the tools and get out of the way.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has a bright and vibrant interface. The site is easy to navigate with all of the sections colorfully marked. Three are many search options on the site from specific sports to videos and members. There are many ways for users to get involved, there is even a contest section.

Some Questions About

Each week should post the most popular video on the homepage so that users can see it easily. It would be great if there was a scoreboard section where all of the scores of recent games would be posted.