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FreeReversePhoneLookupThis is a very practical reverse phone search widget that both webmasters and bloggers can install on their sites and blogs. By doing so, they will be enabling visitors to carry out reverse phone lookups for just any number in the United States of America and in Canada.

As it stands right now, this widget (which can be found here, on the WidgetBox website, and installed for free) can be used to look up mobile numbers, landlines and unlisted phone numbers, and the results are displayed in a mere matter of seconds. These always include information ranging from the full name of the person that has called you up, to his current address and his age.

It must be pointed out that both a free and a paid version of this widget are available, with the main difference being that the free incarnation of the widget only lets users look landlines up. Full results are not free when it comes to mobile numbers. Three different subscription plans are available (“Pro”, “Publisher” and “Business”) and the prices range from $3.99 to $99. The most expensive plans come with much larger tracking and analytics, and priority support in case anything goes wrong.

FreeReversePhoneLookup In Their Own Words

Look up a cell, land line or unlisted phone number in the USA and Canada. Free directory search. Results include name, address, age and more.

Why FreeReversePhoneLookup It Might Be A Killer

It is a greatly-practical service, and one that is actively sought by people of all ages throughout the country.

Some Questions About FreeReversePhoneLookup

Will territories other than the US and Canada be covered as well one day?

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