– Convert Your PDFs

Why buy a tool for converting your files into PDFs when there’s sites like that let you get the job done without having to pay anything? On this site, you can easily upload Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents along with JPG, PNG, GIF and other image files, and have them turned into PDFs, It’s all done using a simple uploader, and one the process is over then you can share the resulting document with everybody. You can upload the files from your computer (both compressed and uncompressed files are allowed) and it’s also possible to have online files converted into PDFs.

And if you want, you can also download a desktop application that lets you covert your files into PDFs from wherever you are. Useful when you’re in a place with limited connectivity, and your boss or some colleagues are counting on you.

And while this service is basically free, paid memberships are available for those who have to deal with a large number of documents. A monthly membership costs $9, and a lifetime membership is priced $99. If you get a membership, you’ll be able to create one document after the other (non-members have to wait 30 minutes between documents), and you’ll also get to convert as many documents as you want in the same month (non-members are limited to 15). Still, both members and non-members can watermark their PDFs, and protect them with passwords.