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Freepath.comFreepath can be described as a playlist application that not only enables the user to mix and play videos, photos and music but also Microsoft Office documents and PDF files. The company that created Freepath likens it to a sort of iTunes playlist that makes for playing files of every denomination.


This playlist application features an intuitive interface that gives the user on demand access to his files in their original format. These can be browsed through and edited in real time without having to convert them – they are simply dragged and dropped or imported. This results in less time preparing and more time sharing, as the site accurately puts it.

A free and open network where content created using Freepath can be shared is available, and it goes by the name of myFreepath. It allows users to share their creations with whom they wish while having access to interesting media which has been put together by other users from all over the world. In Their Own Words

“Freepath is a playlist application that helps you mix and play your rich media assets such as video, photos and music together with your traditional desktop files like PowerPoint, PDFs and Word without having to convert files, embed links or import files.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a novel take on the social sharing premise, and it likely to captivate more than one internaut out there.

Some Questions About

Is it easy to install and configure?

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