KillerStartups – Free Word Translation is a simple and straightforward word translation service.

Site visitors enter the word they want to translate in the “Enter word” box, choose the language that the word is currently in (source language), and then the language that they want to translate into (target language). The program will provide the results as well as a list of similar words. This site is idiot-proof and there are a few cool features. There is a symbol between the source box and the target box, and when the user clicks this button, the languages switch places to translate back into the original language of the word. Words can be input in all languages and if the keyboard does not have some symbols, they user can copy and paste from another source or use a program suggested by The site is very clean and uncluttered and the font is big. There are 18 supported languages and a few big ones are missing such as Chinese and Japanese but the future looks bright for these additions. In Their Own Words

“Currently has dictionaries for 18 different languages and you can freely translate between all of them. This means that there are 18×17=306 dictionaries! For free!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Although this site does not translate phrases it provides simple search results with a wide range of meanings. This is important because many commonly used words have a range of meanings and takes this into account.

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