– Find Free Stuff is a search and alert system that allows users to receive information on stuff that is being given away in their area.

In order to use this service, users have to create a profile where they indicate what free stuff they want to be alerted about. For instance, if you live in San Francisco and are interested in getting food sample giveaways, will let you know via email or text message whenever there is any company giving away any of the stuff you might be interested in getting, so all you have to do is go and get it. Also, since the site aims to provide a community service, users can choose to redistribute that free stuff to charity, refugees, or homeless organizations so they can profit from freebies and giveaways. In Their Own Words

“FreeAlert™ is a completely free email and text-messaging alert service that locates the free items you’re looking for; from dressers to cars to cookbooks. You might be looking for a laptop, a stereo, software, a couch, a stroller, French doors, garage sale giveaways, storage bins, moving boxes, or even a free car or truck (yes, many people have gotten cars!). FreeAlert™ tracks them all for you and then provides you instant notification! FreeAlert™ is your instant alert service for finding any and all special items you’re searching for in your area.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

FreeAlert is a cool way of finding free stuff with minimum stress, and also gives users the possibility to give back to their community in a good and uncomplicated way, because instead of having to navigate endlessly looking for a specific item, members just get alerted when an item that fits specific needs is going away for free, plus since it favors local activities, it is also a way to refuel small and local economies.

Some Questions About

The fact that there is no restriction as to the end-use of the giveaway products can be a bit of a mess, because if merchants get the same access to special offers and gifts as charity institutions, it doesn’t seem very fair. After all, it is a person that can’t actually pay for something that should get benefited from giveaways and not someone who is going to resell that stuff at e-bay for a personal profit. Will FreeAlert reconsider giving notice in advance to non-profit institutions, and only after these have had the chance to benefit from those special offers alert possible resellers?