– Free Classifieds

A classifieds website for people who live in the US only, is where you can buy and sell items without having to pay listing or success fees of any kind. This site has got 20 main categories, and each one of these is split into lots of smaller ones. A few that I’m sure most of you are going to check include “Home & Garden“, “Furniture & Appliances“, “Electronics” and “Sporting Goods“. And both car classifieds and real estate classifieds are available on, too.

Browsing the site is very easy, as in addition to all these categories the homepage comes with a search tool for looking items up. And just to let you filter through results more easily, you can pick the city where you live from a dropdown menu.

On the other hand, posting an ad is done by signing up for an account (it costs nothing) and filling out a short form. Your ad will go live for all to see. And if you want to change anything later (or even take your ad down altogether), then you’ll be able to do it in just a couple of clicks.

And if you live in a country other than the US, then you can check any of FreeAdsCity sister sites. The following territories are already covered: Russia, the UK, India, Australia and the Philippines.