Searching For Free Downloads And Images? Search No Further

Want to hear a blogger secret? Every time we find a new source for images, we’re so pumped about it that we tend to overuse the pictures. All of a sudden every single post has that same “startup guy” or “artfully posed laptop” heading it. As a result, we’re constantly searching for new and interesting (and free because, let’s be real: blogging) images to delight you with.


The latest site I’ve encountered on my search is called 1001 Free Downloads. True to their name, this startup is a collection of free images that anyone can download and use. They have vectors, photos, fonts, icons, wallpaper, brushes, styles, patterns, and clipart. Basically, if there’s a certain type of image you’re searching for, they probably have it.



free downloads



While us bloggers are constantly searching for photos, designers are usually on a search of their own, for free graphics. Rather than going out and scouring the web yourselves, collects them for you, making them easy to search, all in one place. They also produce their own exclusive graphics, solving that saturation problem that seems to happen whenever any of us discover a new free image platform.


The majority of the images on 1001 Free Downloads are free for both commercial and personal use but the site reminds users to double check that the licensing fits the use they’re intending for the image. Copyright violation online is a serious problem, so it’s important to make sure you’re complying at all times.


For designers who are into making and distributing their own graphics, 1001 Free Downloads is also looking to grow their team and also to add freelance designers to the roster. Think you have something awesome to share? They welcome designers to send samples of their work and they’ll get back to you ASAP about whether or not it’s a good fit for their collection.


The internet is primarily a visual medium and bloggers, startup founders, designers, and basically anyone else who works online knows that having topnotch images is essential for success. The search for those images, however, can take up quite literally hours of our time and  if there’s one truth to online work, it’s that time is our most valuable asset. Here’s to hoping that 1001 Free Downloads helps shorten that search by at least a little bit.


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