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Free Coworking Spaces For Digital Nomads And Remote Workers

Today’s Killer Startup: Hoffice



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Elevator Pitch:

Hoffice is a network of remote workers who are creating shared worked spaces in their homes.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

So I know that lately I’ve been featuring a lot of startups that help out either digital nomads or remote workers or both and I have a confession: it’s because I fall under the “both” category.


Sue me – I’m human and a millennial and therefore hella narcissistic and therefore want to write about things that affect ME, okay???


In all seriousnesss, though, the location independent/digital nomad/small traveler/remote worker/whatever-the-buzz-name-is-now movement is undeniably growing, especially for those of us who work in or with startups. We’re a generation of people who have technologies at our disposal that allow us to work from quite literally anywhere in the world that has plug points and wifi.


Pretty great, isn’t it?


Today’s Killer Startup, Hoffice, addresses one of the biggest problems that remote workers face: creating a dynamic workspace when you don’t have a set office to go to every day. While working in your pajamas seems fine and dandy for the first month or two, every remote worker quickly figures out that it’s important to have out loud, face-to-face conversations with someone other than your cat on the regular.


But cafes – the usual go-to spot – were not made for working, plus you have to keep buying overpriced coffee and pastries so you don’t feel too guilty. While some of us are lucky enough to both, a) make enough money to afford a coworking space and, b) actually have a coworking space in our towns, not everyone has both of those crucial factors going for them.


For folks looking for a little something different, Hoffice has a whole system worked out for how to turn your home (or the home of someone in your town) into a free, self-selecting coworking space. It starts with a Facebook meet up in your area and grows from there. They even have a structure for how the day could go, based on their own experience running Hoffices, but they by no means will hold you to it if it’s not your style.


You spend the majority of your time with coworkers and if you’re anything like me, one of the reasons you decided to go remote was because you couldn’t keep pretending to like the people that your job forced you to interact with. Find your community and choose your own coworkers with Hoffice.



#DigitalNomads and #RemoteWorkers looking for a new kind of dynamic workspace: Start a #Hoffice! by @MissEmmaMcG


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Author : Emma McGowan

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