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Startup Founders: Get Your Big Boy Clothes At Frank & Oak

Today’s Killer Startup: Frank & Oak



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Elevator Pitch:

Frank & Oak is a menswear brand for the creative generation that uses technology to deliver personalized shopping experiences to their customers.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I’ll never forget the day that my little brother came to visit me in New York, gave me the puppy dog eyes, and said, “Emma? I need big boy clothes.”


He was just barely 20, about a year into launching his startup, and the jokey t-shirts and jeans that he stole from our classier older brother just weren’t cutting it anymore, so I brought him to Century 21 and we got him his first grown-up outfits.


My brother’s sense of style has always been a point of hilarity amongst my seven siblings. He’s known for doing things like forgetting to bring dress shoes and socks to a major tech conference and stealing items of clothing from friends and family rather than being bothered to buy his own. However, he’s a grown-up now, and, as his startup has gotten more and more successful, he needs to look like one.


The other night on the phone he was telling me about a meeting he had with a very high-end potential client.


“Do you have a good suit?” I asked.


“It’s good enough,” he replied.




Because I’m an awesome older sister, I’m going to send Frank & Oak his way.


Frank & Oak is a Montreal-based clothing line that comes out with a new collection every month. Members of their Hunt Club (which costs only $20 a year) can decide whether or not they want to try out up to five items from each mini collection. They can pick out the items themselves or answers a few questions and get recommendations from the Frank & Oak personal stylists.


From there, shipping is free — both ways — and members can try on the clothing in the comfort of their own homes. Anything they don’t want, gets shipped back and the only items they’re charged for are the ones they keep.


So, little brother? No more excuses. Go get your big boy clothes at Frank & Oak.



Hey #startup founders!! It’s time to get your big boy clothes @FrankandOak! #menswear #style


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Instagram/Frank & Oak

Author : Emma McGowan

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