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Frameri Is Taking The Custom Glasses Game To The Next Level

Today’s Killer Startup: Frameri



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Elevator Pitch:

Handmade glasses from Milan that come with interchangeable frames and lens so your glasses will always match everything you own.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

In college, when I was spending a lot of time staring at books in terrible lighting and then trying to get my strained eyes to focus on the whiteboard, I started noticing that my vision maybe wasn’t as great as I’d always thought it was. I was having trouble seeing signs when I was driving, and, being the responsible kid that I was, I went to the doctor.


Turns out, I have a slight astigmatism. Also turns out that the only frames my family’s eye doctor had that I liked were a pair from Kate Spade that cost more than my parents had ever spent on, well, anything for me before.


But I was 19. So I got them anyway.


This was all pre-being-able-to-buy-glasses-online. Since then, my vision has largely corrected itself. However, if and when it goes to shit again, I’ll be turning to Frameri to hook me up with affordable, awesome glasses.


Frameri stands out from the other online eyeglass companies because of one major factor: their glasses come with totally interchangeable frames and lenses. That means you can order prescription sunglass lenses, for example, and put them directly in your everyday frames. No more weird glasses that change colors or those super cool flip down ones.


If you’re particularly fashion-conscious, you can also order multiple frames and switch ‘em up, depending on your outfit. It’s like the vintage watch I bought at Salvation Army that came with interchangeable blue, white, and red vinyl bands except these are handmade in Milan so, you know, they’re way nicer.


Ready for a new look? Tired of having to buy multiple pairs of glasses just so you can see in the sun and at night? Hit up Frameri now and check out how you’d look in their Virtual Try-On room.



Love LOVE loving these handmade, interchangeable frames and lenses from @FrameriEyewear


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Author : Emma McGowan

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