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FractureMe.comFracture is a new service for the style-oriented among you. This company will let you upload any image that you think would look the part on your wall, and have it turned into what is called a fracture (a one piece picture & frame that is made from printed glass, and that can be mounted directly on any wall).

The creation of these fractures implies nothing more than uploading a high quality photo to the site, customizing it (IE, picking the effects that you want the company to apply to it) and then paying for the finished piece.

It is very important to mention that a fracture is A) Safe (it has no sharp edges), and B) Shatter-proof. A fracture is not breaking the easy way. It can be knocked around quite a bit.

And there are lots of advantages that are obvious but which still have to be mentioned. For instance, the image which is contained on a fracture is never going to fade. And since the print is on the backside of the glass, it is not being scratched either. In Their Own Words

Let your personal photos be all they can…

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a different way to have your photos printed and put up on any wall.

Some Questions About

Does the company ship these fractures worldwide?