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Fownd.comOnly those who’ve ever put their hands in their pockets to find their smartphones were missing can tell you how it feels, how your heart stops for a second upon realizing you’ve lost the one portable device that can tell others almost everything about your life. I’ve been there myself, and I would have given everything to have a service like this one around when that happened.


Fownd lets you put stickers into all the stuff that can easily be lost. This includes not only mobile phones, but also keys and cameras. These stickers come with full contact information, so that if anybody finds the item you’ve lost then he’ll be able to get in touch through the application.

And as far as iPhones and iPads are concerned, Fownd lets the one who’s come across your mobile or tablet have access to a customized screen. This customized screen makes it simple to message you, and tell you they’ve got your iPhone or iPad. And if what you’ve lost is your iPhone, then you can log into Fownd app and find it using an interactive map.

The Fownd app can be downloaded for free, and a batch of 10 stickers would currently cost you $0.99. In Their Own Words

A free service that returns lost stuff.

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What about mobile devices other than these manufactured by Apple?

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