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Founder2Be.comThe first thing you should do before starting down the entrepreneurial path is to identify your own weaknesses. Once you have done that, you will be able to look for partners who could collaborate with you, and help you cover your every shortcoming. Such a task is never easy. Yet, the presence of sites like certainly turns that whole process into something that is easier, faster and more enjoyable for everybody.

On aspiring entrepreneurs can connect with people who are in a similar position, and whose skills actually complement their very own. For example, people who have really good ideas yet no true grasp on how to market anything can connect with those who know how to sell the hardest of products, and begin collaborating in earnest.

As a platform, can be freely used. As a matter of fact, budding entrepreneurs are not even required to sign up for an account of their very own. They can authenticate who they are via Facebook instead, and begin using the site in full. They will be able to post their own ideas and see what others are looking for in the quickest way of all. In Their Own Words

Find a co-founder. Start or join a start-up today.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is great if only because it will let any person who has ideas find those with the technical wherewithal to make them come true.

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