– Sell Your Photos On Your Website

Fotomoto.comFotomomo is a web-based service that lets anybody sells photographs in a simple and direct way. That is, using this system you can sell photos through your site or blog, without the need to send your customers to another site such as a photo supermarket.

In practice, the system works by adding a “Buy It Now” button that accompanies your photos. The company takes care of the technical bits, and you don’t have to worry about setting the system up since that is handled very easily. Of course, customization aspects for blending your art and this system are fully accounted for, and you can make everything stand as one effortlessly.

Using Fotomomo entails no subscription fees on your part. You do pay the cost of the print plus a transaction fee. This fee takes into account the cost of the print itself. Check the chart that is provided beforehand in order to arrive at the exact figure.

All in all, this is a very convenient solution that will be relished by photographers simply because it puts all the emphasis on being easy to use and implement into any existing site or blog. If you are one, the site is definitely worth-focusing your lenses on. In Their Own Words

“Fotomoto enables photographers to sell photos on their own website without sending their customers elsewhere.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Photographers will no doubt appreciate a solution that caters specifically for them, and that lets them enter the world of e-commerce in such a supple way.

Some Questions About

What is the maximum print size supported?