KillerStartups – Collaborative Photo Albums Made Easy cameras have changed the way we take and store our photos and have in many cases encouraged people to take more photos than they ever did before. The problem that many people have with these photos is that once taken, they are stored on a hard drive somewhere and are never seen again.

Fotocodex is an easy way to upload all of your photos, organize them, and then have a great-looking photo album made and sent to you. There are a number of sites that allow you to arrange your photos and order albums but what makes fotocodex different is that anyone can add photos to specific albums. For example, if you are having a wedding, guests can take photos with their digital cameras and then upload them to Fotocodex and help you organize the album—no more disposable cameras. In Their Own Words

“Do you find your best digital photos soon end up forgotten in some folder on your computer? Just imagine if you could put them all together, exactly the way you want to display them, in a proper high-quality bound album. A gorgeously produced book you can pass around and enjoy together at any time.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Without a doubt, fotocodex stands out for allowing your friends to contribute to your photo albums instead of just having to rely on the photos that you have taken. This will allow richer albums taken from various perspectives.

Some Questions About

Will people be happy to fork out the money for an online service or will they prefer the more tradition route of picking out their own album at a store? Wouldn’t people prefer a local service that allows them to save on shipping costs and waiting time?

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