– Aloe Vera Products

Fruit Of The Earth ( is an online retailer of aloe-based products. Its catalog can be browsed by picking any of the four categories that are listed on the site (“Suncare Products”, “Sunless Tanning Products”, “Skincare Products” and “Healthcare Products”), and items can be bought using a shopping cart, as in any other e-commerce site.

And as in any other online store, Fruit Of The Earth also features the newest products that have become available on its homepage. In the case of this particular site, these are highlighted one by one, and if you want to see them all together then you’ll have to follow this link.

Each one of the product categories that were just mentioned is actually made up of several subcategories. The ones that are more comprehensive are “Suncare Products” and “Skincare Products”. The former includes “General Protection”, “Full Spectrum”, “Continuous Spray”, “Dark Tanning”, “Baby & Kids”, “Sport” and “AfterSun”. And the latter features the following product categories: “Facial”, “Lotion & Cream” and “Gel”.

And the site also includes a list of all the retailers that sell Fruit Of The Earth’s products – just check the section named “Outlets”. Tom Thumb, Safeway, Target, Dollar Tree and K-Mart are all featured on that list, along with stores like CVS, Shopko and Meijer.