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FortuneFreebies.comThere are many sites letting you get your hands on free stuff, but this one is particularly praiseworthy because of the quality of the freebies that are available, and the actual payout in ratio that is offered. In addition to money to spend using PayPal (from $ 40 to $ 240), users of can get some of the latest video games that have been released and devices such as iPods. And coming back to money to spend via PayPal, one single referral can amount to as much as $ 40. And once the payout itself has been verified, the money is going to be sent on its way. That usually happens on the same day, too – payouts are verified and sent out the very same day. And more than 40 countries are already supported.

A account can be created at no cost, and once you have signed up you can proceed to choose the gift that you would like to receive. Then, by referring offers to your friends you will be getting the prize that you had chosen at the beginning of the process. That is, you refer something to someone and if that person himself completes one credit worth of offers then you will be getting your free item. In Their Own Words

The best freebie website available. It has the highest payouts in ratio to offers – 1 referral is $40. It is one of the only websites with such high payouts to have same day payouts so that means once verified (usually in the same day) the money will be sent out in the same day and in 40 countries!

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site has an excellent payout ratio to offers – nowhere else do you get one referral worth $ 40.

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Which other items can you get through this site? Which ones will you be able to get in the near future?