– SMS-based Selling Tool

ForSaleByTXT.comForSaleByTXT is a new solution that hopes to accommodate the demands the mindset of modern buyers bring to the fore. That is, this service lets users inquiry about any property that is for sale via text messages.

All the seller has to do is include a number for contact purposes within the “For Sale” sign, and potential buyers can send a SMS to it in order to find out information like number of bedrooms, bathrooms and so on. Of course, they can also learn about the price.

Sellers are provided unlimited text requests from buyers by paying a monthly fee, whereas buyers can create an account for free just by signing up online.

A service like this one saves time both for sellers and for buyers – the buyer can access all the relevant information just by sending a text message, whereas sellers avoid the hassle of receiving calls asking for the price only to be followed by the phone being put down.

When all is said and done, it is nice to see new solutions that aim to maximize the most recent technology and put it to the best possible use. If you want to determine if that description fit this solution or not just drop by the site to learn more. In Their Own Words

“ is the next generation of selling tools. In today’s world, there is an expectation of immediate gratification which has been fueled by the Internet, mobile phones, and other emerging technologies. Why wait a few days by using snail mail when email can get it there faster? is the answer to potential buyers with this new demanding mindset.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a tool adds a lot of flexibility to the whole process and benefits both parties by letting them save time and stamina.

Some Questions About

What other uses could a system like this be put to?