Feast On Great Food And Great Deals Using Forkspot

Here is a motto that speaks straight to my heart, as I’m sure it does for many fellow food and beverage fans: “every hour is a happy hour.”


And it is a happy hour indeed, when you can find great deals without trying – which is exactly what the Forkspot app is all about. Forkspot provides on-demand discounts the moment you enter restaurants, bars and coffee shops.


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Finding nearby deals is as fast and easy as it gets with Forkspot. It shows you current deals in the vicinity, based on your location, and it automatically informs you about real-time discounts when you walk into an affiliated establishment.


Forkspot also feeds answers for that often agonizing question “What should I eat?” by offering instant recommendations left by real, verified reviewers. This saves hungry customers from painful, time-consuming deliberations, and spares staff loads of time answering menu questions – which means that more people can be served more efficiently and restaurants therefore make more money.


Food rankings help people to beeline for great dishes. They also allow restaurants to easily find out what their customers do and do not like eating.



Efficiency helps restaurants win in another important way. Rather than spend on big ad campaigns that target people who may or may not become paying customers, Forkspot gives them a way to connect with their audience and only pay for marketing that generates business. This arrangement, which Forkspot likes to call the “Pay Per Walk-in” advertising model, costs restaurants only $0.55 to $0.99, and guarantees that restaurants get 100% conversion on their marketing dollars as opposed to paltry 0.05% for traditional ads spend that typically walks through the door.


Another thoughtful feature that goes an extra step beyond other restaurant discovery apps is a ride-fare comparison between Uber and Lyft, so customers can easily find a cheap ride to and from their restaurants of choice.


Grigori Mikayelyan, CEO of Forkspot, told KillerStartups, “…I truly believe we are reinventing the way people discover new restaurants and order their meals. We are helping consumers save time and money while also helping restaurants grow and serve more customers. It’s a win-win!”



The company has started out in LA, where it came flying out of the kitchen after a 15-week sprint build, and is currently on pace to add over 1200 local restaurants to the platform by December. The app has already attracted thousands of users.


Learn more details about the app and company at forkspot.com or download the app from either the App Store or Google Play.


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