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Forkly.comAn application that’s here to let you discover the best food that can be had just wherever you happen to be located, Forkly is available for free at the App Store. Once installed, Forkly will turn you iPhone into a true platform for learning about these dishes people who are nearby have no second thoughts recommending, complete with ratings and descriptions. And you’ll also be able to recommend your very own, and share these finds you have made with the rest of the Forkly community.


Forkly users actually receive influence points for all these suggestions and recommendations that they make, and it’s really easy to know who to follow even when you’re completely new to the site – the top influencers and places are prominently highlighted. Plus, users of Forkly can favorite these dishes and venues that seem appealing, and try them when they have the time (or the money).

Forkly will be just perfect for those who find themselves in any foreign city for the first time. They’ll be able to find the best spots and dishes without even having to stop any passer-by, and trying to put their best foreign accent on. I don’t know about you, but I find any app that can reduce the amount of potentially embarrassing situations more than likable. In Their Own Words

Forkly shows you where to go and what’s tasty there. Browse photos, see ratings and want items so you can easily find them later when you’re hungry.

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What makes it better than applications such as SnapDish?

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