– Predict the Future and Enrich Your Own

Foretal.comCan you predict the future? Try your luck with Foretal, the site which lets you gamble on things to come. The premise is pretty simple: you make a prediction and people vote to agree or disagree.

If you’ve decided to lay some cash down then you’ll either make 3% of the cash votes, same as Foretal—that’s if you win– if you lose, well you lose. Prior to actual money bets, however, you’ll need to vote on at least five predictions. On your fifth vote, you’ve earned the right to make a free prediction. From there, if you feel lucky, you can move on to the cash side. The site is registered in Malta, so all the gambling is regulated by the Maltese Lotteries and Gaming Authority. Some of the current predictions: Microsoft offers more than $50 billion for Yahoo, Chelsea will finish in the top 4 of Premier League, and Kylie adopts a baby. In Their Own Words

“Wouldn’t you like to know what people think will happen tomorrow, next year, or way into the future? Foretal is a destination where people predict the future. We opened the site at the start of October 2007 and have been continually enhancing it ever since.

Our members submit Predictions to Foretal and, provided they are clear and legal, we post them on the site. Members also vote on these Predictions for free or for cash. There are also cash prize competitions for doing good stuff.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Interesting site. Predictions are always compelling especially the more out there ones. ForeTal gives users a chance to make an extra buck or two with their predictions. Gamblers may like the odds.

Some Questions About

How are predictions governed? How much cash can someone win? Will they add widgets?