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ForeLinksters.comGolf is an interesting sport where players need to be highly concentrated and fit. It is more than kicking the ball.

Golfers consider Golf almost as an art. In case you are one of them, you will enjoy this site. was created by a group of golfers from all over the United States and some international players. This online resource is based on the idea that it was important to create a website with the golf courses where these professionals play.

The main goal behind this online solution was to provide users with a complete list of golf courses that are recommend by golfers. This is not an advertising website. In fact, the service gives you the chance to get real information about high quality golf courses from real and unbiased sources.

The way to use this resource is very simple and straightforward. You just need to sign up by filling out a short form. After that you will have to find a course where you have already played, and then add your personal comments, ratings, or suggestions about it. You are also allowed to post photos and make changes to the listing.

Subsequently, you have to add a course in case you do not find the course you have played on the site. In this way you will help other users to be well informed about more courses. If you feel like suggesting comments you can do that on the corresponding section. This site was designed by golfers for golfers and if you are one of them you should check it out. In Their Own Words

“Finally a site where real golfers can publish their ratings and information on any golf course throughout the world”

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It will be appealing to the golfing public.

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