search cancel – Rude and Funny T-shirts 18 has a huge range of funny and rude slogan T-shirts that can be ordered through the site. These are grouped into categories such as “Beer/Drinking”, “XXL”, “Attitude” and the perennial “Ladies” category.


There are likewise Mum & Dad T-shirts alongside geek & retro tees.

One of the best aspects of Force 18 is that strives to create original slogans for its T-shirts, where many competitors choose to copy each other, resulting in little originality. The company does its best to get around such an issue

When it comes to shipping and handling, there is free delivery on UK and Ireland orders. For its part, supported payment methods include the web commerce company PayPal.

If you like the designs that are already featured, it is always possible to sign up for the provided newsletter and learn about new additions to the catalog this way. You can also learn about new products through the company’s MySpace page. A link is provided to these ends. In Their Own Words

“From a print and design shop far far away (well Stevenage in Hertfordshire to be precise) is a machine which churns out apparel of the wry, profane and esoteric kind. They are not the normal sort of clothes you would expect to see at your local shopping precinct.

For a start, they use one of the most effective forms of clothing media known to man, in the form of a common or garden t-shirt.

The difference is ours are funny t-shirts designed to raise a smile. Some of them are rude t-shirts, best unworn at your grandparents home. Some of them are also offensive t-shirts, designed to be worn anywhere apart from church services or formal gatherings.

As a result, we now welcome you to the Force 18 T-shirt store. We are a UK based online store offering you a wide variety of funny t-shirts with some rude t-shirts and offensive t-shirts that make great gifts for family and friends.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Pieces of clothingsuch as these t-shirts are an immediate way of breaking the ice and getting to know others in the best possible way – through humor.

Some Questions About

Can you request a specific design be printed and emblazoned?

Author : Liam Gray

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