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Foound.comA new iPhone app, Foound will let you and all your friends get together like never before – the application makes for arranging hangouts in the simplest way ever devised. If you decide to put it to the test, you will discover that it lets you inform everybody at once about the time and place that you all are meeting, and also keep them updated if there is any change of plans.


The process in which the basic information is conveyed involves pre-populating the relevant fields when creating a new hangout, and that information will be used as part of the invitations that Foound takes care of sending out.

Alternatively, the one who creates the hangout can proceed to have it shared on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. That will obviously depend on the kind of hangout itself, and how personal he wants to keep everything.

And it is interesting to point out that the latest hangouts are published on the main page. You will get to know who is arranging what, and how many people are actually attending. If they are people you are well-acquainted with, you might as well drop by and say “Hi”. In Their Own Words

“Organizing hangouts with friends just got easier Start a hangout and experience Foound now.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes arranging a time to meet with your friends something considerably easier than calling everybody back and forth.

Some Questions About

How many people can be invited to the same hangout?

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