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Footbo.comSoccer, known as Football everywhere in the world except North America, is arguably the most popular sport in the world. No wonder then, that a number of Football social networks have been sprouting up over the last few months offering to connect fans with what they love the most.


Footbo is one of the better designed Football social networks due to its sleek design and dynamic categories. Users are able to affiliate themselves with their favorite club team and also with their favorite players (Lionel Messi currently leading). Users can also make an appearance on the home page for being the most popular or for being the best at predicting the outcome of matches. In Their Own Words

“Footbo is an online social community for football lovers all over the world.
Fans and amateur players can receive customized information, share content and media and express their knowledge and emotions. Created by people who are truly passionate about the beautiful game, Footbo is based in London, UK.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

While it is impossible to gauge which football social networks will catch on and which won’t, Footbo would appear to have a fighting chance due the good design and the dynamic nature of the site.

Some Questions About

Have they considered running competitions that would see the person who invited the most friends receive an all expenses paid trip to the next European Championships? That might be the best angle to take in order to reach critical mass.

Author : Caroline Bright

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