Game Day Fun Is Even Better Pop Culture Style With iOS App FootballBFF

Most of us can relate to watching a sporting event for the sake of being social. Given the popularity of sports, especially football, it’s not uncommon to put on a good show for the sake of diehard fans we care about. The big question is: can games be fun for those who are unfamiliar with a sport or have marginal interest?




FootballBFF is a mobile app from Apeville Media, LLC, that uses elements of pop culture and social media to engage people during a game.




FootballBFF offers candid pics of players and profiles with details about their personal lives in place of dry sports statistics. Here is where you find the lowdown on players both on and off the field, including heartwarming stories and the latest gossip.


For those who want to know more about the sport, there’s a 411 feature that provides basic knowledge of the teams, the match-ups and key players – more than enough so you can converse with your hosts and ensure the drinks keep flowing.




The app also comes equipped with games and quizzes to maintain enthusiasm during commercials, replay reviews and other such delays. FootballBFF pulls out all the stops to make the game entertaining for everyone.


Here are just a few of the app’s features:

  • Conversation starters and pick-up lines
  • Players gossip including arrest history and player drama
  • Salary, relationship status and hobbies of the key players
  • Celebrity connections
  • Fun polls and games – “Who’s Tat is That?”


App users can personalize the app by customizing it to match their favorite players or teams, and receive the content they want when they want it. Currently the app is available on the App Store. Apeville Media is also planning to introduce BasketballBFF and BaseballBFF apps.


Bored with traditional sports apps, analysis and stats? Spice up game day with fun polls, juicy gossip, “hot” pics and more. Score more details at


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