– Footaction USA is a site for Footaction, a retail store division of Foot Locker Inc.

, which offers a wide range of footwear and apparels available on the actual retail stores. The site offers to sell you online whatever products they have at their stores, offering an organized site which aids you in different ways in the search of your product. Products are arranged in categories so you can narrow down the search and Footaction may present you with possible purchases. As a costumer, you can choose the brand (including Nike, Reebok, Adidas, etc.), the type of product (footwear, apparels, accessories, and fan gear), and later on the specific sport and size you’re looking for. The site then presents you with the most accurate results, showing a listing of products, each one with a picture, brief description and availability status. If you want to buy something, the site features a ‘shopping cart’, and with a delivery service, which carries an additional charge. Secondary services include weekly featured products, sign ups for emails and newsletters, advertising for products on sale, help on ordering and a search engine which may facilitate the finding of your desired product. The company also offers an alternative way of shopping, which consist on either calling 1-800-863-8932, or going to the retail store to personally pick out the product. For the latter, the site provides maps and information on the location of every store around the US.