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FoofMe.comFoof is the newest ad-blocker tool to hit the web. This browser plug-in smoothes out web surfing by blocking ads, but aims to enhance browsing experience by replacing those ads with site-related content.


After installing the tool, users can edit their replaced content options. They can choose to replace ads with news, YouTube videos, blog posts, Wikipedia articles, or Flickr images. Users may also choose to have no content added, but just eliminate the pesky ads. As not all content can fit into the size of the ads, Foof optimizes the options based on relevance and size. To complete this task, Foof uses TextWise’s semantic engine. In Their Own Words

“Foof is a browser plug-in that lets you replace ads with content that is related to the page you’re viewing. foof is a derivative of Wladimir Palant’s Firefox adblocker, Adblock Plus. See for a history. All you need to do is install the foof ad-on and select your content options. foof will eliminate the ads from your Web pages, and optionally allow you to replace some or all of the ads with content that contextually matches the Web page.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The easily downloaded tool is on the right track with enhancing the web surfing experience by weeding out irrelevant ads. However, whether this tool is truly as powerful as the orginial ad-blocker which it compares itself to, Adblock Plus, is yet to be seen. Also, whether users actually want the additional content that Foof provides instead of the ads may be questionable.

Some Questions About

What kind of demonstration can be added to the site to show how the Foof system works and looks? Should testimonies be added to attest to the similarity to AdBlock Plus? What additional support can be provided to users?

Author : Bill Webb

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