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FoodieRegistry.comFoodie Registry is a restaurant gift registry service that is aimed at people who live in and about Chicago. The idea is to enable users to register for special occasions (mostly romantic nights) at restaurants in said location, and create a sort of list that can be accessed both by your friends and family.

This service has principally been devised for couples, but you will also be capable of using it if you are single.

In any case, the dynamics of the site are the same: you create a list detailing these restaurants that you like best, and then friends and loved ones will be able to buy gift certificates for you.

The actual registry can include as many restaurants as you want, and in each and every case you can specify the maximum amount that you actually want from each.

On the other hand, if you are a restaurateur and you want to use this solution simply give the relevant category a look. As it stands, the system can be used to bolster not only registry but also non-registry sales. In Their Own Words

“Foodie Registry is a unique gift certificate sales service for restaurant gift certificates that drives new customers to your restaurant and creates incremental revenue by giving wedding couples the ability to register for a dining experience at your restaurant as a wedding gift.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People will love such a system because it is clear and very useful. And restaurateurs will love because it simplifies the marketing process exponentially.

Some Questions About

When will the service expand itself and cover other cities?