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Foodia.comFoodia is a new food information service that leverages the power of the Social Web. At its heart, Foodia lets people go beyond the promotional blurbs that are included on packages and get to know what people like them are thinking about any product. If it tastes good or bad, then they will get to know it by glancing at the reviews and ratings that have been submitted by other users of the Foodia network.

And since Foodia ties in with Facebook, users can share all the information that they find on the site with their whole social graphs. They will also get to know what they are eating in real time, and learn about new foods/dishes that could be potentially appealing. After all, who would they trust more than those they have chosen to befriend on Facebook?

And it is worth mentioning that all the nutrition facts that one can get on the site will always be accompanied by actual sustainability figures, so that people can always know which impact consuming this or that product will have on the environment. In Their Own Words

Foodia sifts through the clutter to help you find eats that are fresh, healthful, and (most of all) tasty.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Finding what to eat in such a social way is not only more effective but also more entertaining.

Some Questions About

What kind of mobile support is provided?