What Do You Crave? FoodFaves Has Your Answer

It’s high time we acknowledge the obvious: seeing leads to eating. Put food porn in front of our eyes and we say to ourselves, “I want that. Now.”


FoodFaves is a free mobile app that understands the power that food images have to fuel our hunger and drive our decisions as to where and what we eat. FoodFaves is a tool for foodies to discover great dishes and restaurants, and for restaurants to share their delectables and direct people to their establishments.


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Restaurants open an account on the website foodfaves.com and create a profile with all the restaurant’s essential information (location, hours, contact info, etc.). They then upload mouth-watering images of their menu items that will send potential diners racing to the front door.


Eaters can find their next meal by using FoodFaves in one of two ways. They can take a Crave Quiz, which entails them looking at photos uploaded by nearby restaurants. By swiping left or right to indicate which dishes look delicious and which don’t trigger food lust, the app’s algorithm then offers recommendations for local restaurants that will fulfill cravings.


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Or eaters can simply scroll Instagram-style photos (by restaurants, cuisine, hashtags or the recommendations of others). When they click on a photo, FoodFaves will give them all the information that they need to quickly get to the restaurant.


Don’t let the explanation mislead you. FoodFaves works fast. The app delivers an effective way to pinpoint cravings and satisfy them at great nearby restaurants. It gives foodies and social influencers an easy way to share favorite meals on their profile so that friends and aficionados can easily track down the best tasting dishes.




The team behind FoodFaves likes to think of their social app as “Instagram meets Grubhub, with a twist.” To get started, they’re launching the app in NYC. But stay tuned for them helping you turn your food porn browsing into your next meal wherever you live.


Hungry, but not sure what you want to eat? Want to let your food do the talking and bring more customers running to your restaurant’s tables? No problem. Download FoodFaves on the App Store or learn more about the app at foodfaves.com.


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