search cancel – Slicing the Time is launching an interactive online restaurant guide targeted at helping patrons locate restaurants and order food online.


The portal will not only offer convenience for customers but will also act as a business catalyst for restaurants. With the click of a mouse, visitors would be able to locate and access detailed restaurant information world wide including pictures, average rates, cuisines, ambience and more. What more, the service is free of cost for both visitors and restaurant owners. The system not only offers detailed information but also offers online food ordering capability. offers a host of features in addition to a powerful restaurant search and comprehensive information. For instance, the visitors have the ability to create their own accounts and save their favorites, rate restaurants and also, suggest restaurants to their friends. In Their Own Words

“The name “Foodera” (Food + era) was coined to symbolize this era of food. Food is one element that has helped cross the boundaries of race, culture and religion with multicuisine food now available in all countries. It has brought diverse cultures together throughout the world, bringing a smile to every face. Foodera service allows you to easily find the best restaurants in your neighborhood, quickly and effortlessly. Foodera links you to a network of the best local restaurants, café and food-joints.”

Why It Might Be A Killer enables the user to find the best local delivery restaurants and place orders without picking up the phone. The days of rummaging through stacks of paper menus to place your delivery order have been replaced by Foodera’s comprehensive online system providing the user with a huge database of menus of their favorite restaurants.

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Will sites like replace the telephone for food delivery?

Author : Liam Gray

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