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FoodCandy.comAn online resource that goes by an apt name, this social site is here to enable foodies everywhere to connect and discuss every aspect about their preferred dishes and venues.


Of course, the site also includes videos and pictures that can be uploaded and shared by every registered member, and which adhere to the motif of the network.

Needless to say, an ample portion of the site is devoted to listing foods and food products that emerge. In addition to being listed, most products are reviewed and compared to similar offerings.

Further resources include a comprehensive set of interviews with restaurant owners and related personas, whereas a “New Places” category acts as a showcase for new venues which are deemed as worth-visiting by site members.

Members themselves can self-organize and form groups, in true social network style. Some of the featured groups go by names such as “CookClubCandy” and “Any Green Thumbs Out There?”.

It is safe to say that this new social resource is bound to cover the needs of foodies everywhere. If you consider yourself part of that category, a visit to this network will most certainly not go amiss. In Their Own Words

“Where foodies meet.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Food lovers all over the globe will cherish having a new meeting point on the WWW.

Some Questions About

How does it differ from other sites such as eGullet or Chowhound?

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