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FontSpace.comAre you looking for free fonts to download? In case you want to download Microsoft word fonts, you should visit This is the website of FontSpace, a font creator of Windows XP fonts. You can use this site to download fonts for Microsoft word, including times fonts, Roman fonts and circus fonts, as well as signature fonts and classic fonts. offers a font finder that searches for Microsoft office fonts. This website has thousands of Microsoft Word fonts, ranging from calligraphy fonts and handwriting fonts, to bar code fonts and Gothic fonts. In addition, also provides typewriter fonts, Greek fonts and logo fonts, as well as illustrator fonts and free cursive fonts.

Remember this site next time you want to make your own font or you looking for a quality font creator? In conclusion, if you need to download free fonts, feel free to stop by In Their Own Words

“FontSpace is a community of font designers and font addicts. All 8900 free typefaces that you can download have been hand-categorized into 3000+ categories for your graphic design, scrapbooking, or documents”

Why It Might Be A Killer

FontSpace features an enormous database of hand-crafted fonts which are categorized by the designers who have created them. This makes for easy and relevant searching, as the creators are also responsible for tagging their work. Every font is free of charge, which will appeal to many casual personal website creators and those who only want fonts for their chat clients.

Some Questions About

FontSpace doesn’t boast the professionalism of other typography sites, and therefore it most likely appeals only to a particular set of casual web users. Do they plan on expanding to include a section featuring higher-end fonts which users must pay