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FontsLive.comPresented by Ascender Corp, Fontslive aims to position itself as the one-stop for web designers and developers that are looking for quality fonts to use. On the site, these can have ready access to both web fonts and desktop fonts that come from renowned type designers and font foundries.

When it comes to the web fonts that are offered these have the clear advantage of letting you avoid the usage of images for headlines. That makes a difference when it comes to aspects like the time the site takes to load, and the way in which people can interact with the text once it is displayed. All major web browsers are actually supported.

I think the best way to appreciate this service is by giving the provided font library a good look. Actually, you can do much more than that since you can sign up for a free trial and see how these fonts could be implemented in your site for real. This free trial will amount to 30 days – more than enough time to gauge how effective such a modification can turn out to be. In Their Own Words

“FontsLive features premium quality webfonts for web designers and developers to use with CSS @font-face. FontsLive offers both web fonts and desktop font licenses from leading type designers and font foundries. The FontsLive service is brought to you by the font experts at Ascender Corp.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a very interesting resource for web designers, owing to the quality of the fonts that can be procured through it.

Some Questions About

How many fonts has the database already got?