– Access The Same Pages Everywhere

Fonleap.comThe objective of Fonleap is an interesting one: letting people who are using different devices to browse the Internet share the pages they see on each. That is, Fonleap is a unifier of sorts: it will let users unify their browsing history so that the things they see on their desktop computers, on their tablets and on their mobiles are all and one the same.

For example, a user of Fonleap is going to be able to come home from work browsing the Internet on his Android phone, and then continue the browsing session on the very same page right on his desktop computer. And then, if he becomes tired and he want to lie for a while on his bed and use his tablet, then he will be able to keep on browsing right from the site he was last seeing on his PC.

Sounds good? Well, activating this service could hardly be any easier. All you have to do is download the (free) plug-in for Mozilla Firefox, and buy the app at the Android Marketplace for Fonleap to begin working as intended, and your work to begin taking on a more continuous flow. In Their Own Words

Share your webpages across devices.

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a service, Fonleap makes for working in a continuous way, even when you have to switch places and settings multiple times.

Some Questions About

What about iPhones? And Blackberries? Will the relevant apps ever see release?