– A Fonera Hack

Fon.abiquo.comWith its dull sounding name and “Information Everywhere” slogan, you’d think Abiquo to be a boring CMS/CRS/software that does something important but is only really of interest to tech nerds and programmers. Abiquo however, isn’t so innocent.

Abiquo wants to help hack your fonera. To the uninitiated, La Fonera is a device for making the world’s wifi free. You share your Fonero and Foneros will give wifi back to you around the world. It’s a secure environment that takes little tech savvy to hook up and connect. So where does Abiquo come in? It provides the software and know-how to be able to hack your Fonera and make it into a social network, for devices that is. With Abiquo’s hack you can have cross platform communication. So say you take a picture of your new puppy. With Abiquo you can send it through Fonera from your computer to your friend’s Fonera-hacked TV, or your mum’s Fonera-hacked PC in real time. They’ll receive an instant message with the photo. Abiquo is communication across a network of devices. Get your Fonera and try it. In Their Own Words

“Abiquo is a startup focused on increasing the interaction between devices.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Abiquo is an interesting startup. It focuses on hardware rather than Web 2.0, but this focus may enable communication on all platforms rather than just a pc. Fonera is already technology that is a great idea, but it has yet to catch on .

Some Questions About

Fonera is a noble cause and Abiquo piggyback’s on Fonera’s wifi technology. Will this hacked version catch on in the States, if not Europe? Is it more conducive to high density areas? What’s their strategy for marketing and deployment?