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Folloyu.comAimed at webmasters, Folloyu is a new platform that makes it incredibly easy for people who visit your site to browse it when they have to switch devices. Its creators call it as a “continuous browsing tool”, and we could look for a better definition for the best part of two hours and find nothing more suitable. This new platform allows any person who is on your site to browse it using different devices (such as tablets and mobile phones) as if they were the same. It’s all done by clicking on a tab that reads “Switch Device”. Once the visitor has clicked on it, he’ll be presented with a menu letting him take his browsing session into another device. And a QR code is presented for these times they want to make everything go mobile.


This is great for website visitors, as they’re able to keep on exploring sites without having to make a mental effort to remember where it was they had left things at. If you’re a webmaster, you know what that means. It means that it will foster their engagement with your site. And increased satisfaction equals increased loyalty. Which is the kind of thought to make you start rubbing your hands together, of course. And there’s really nothing wrong with that. Anything that lets you see some higher conversion rates is reason enough to celebrate. In Their Own Words

A new solution for websites that enables online visitors continuous browsing between devices. Thus increasing cross device stickiness and conversions.

Some Questions About

Which phones/tablets have people been using more frequently for their multi-device browsing sessions? Are these sessions really that much longer?


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