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Instagram, the photo sharing application for iPhone (or iPod Touch as well) is quite established by now and is a success story in spite of its recent appearance in 2010. is a web app that will enhance your Instagram experience by adding new features and thus, giving more fun.

It is already fun enough to use Instagram for applying filters that change the look of your pictures and share them with your contacts., however, works as a web app that gives two major services.

One of them is to provide an URL where you can upload your pictures and create your albums to share with others. You get as well the chance to make a follow list of other users, that’ll help you to stay more in touch with friends, and you can have a list of your followers too.

This particular URL will have the main part of it with the “” domain name and your user name after it. In this way, the site adds a webpage presence which was not available before because Instagram did not provide it in itself.

Another addition created by Followgram is the creation of a web button that you can embed in your website, blog, or social network profile. This makes it easier still to share your Instagram profile through

It is an interesting feature that Instagram pictures are formatted into a square shape homaging the Instamatic (created by Kodak) and Polaroid cameras. This vintage touch given to photographs taken with such a modern device as iPhones or iPods makes for a good blend of the old and the new. enhances this enjoyement. In Their Own Words

Followgram is a web app developed as a way to extend those Instagram’s basic functions so appealing to millions of users already.

Some Questions About

Are they after the development of more Instagram functions or will they stay there?

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