– A Marketplace For Handmade Things

Folksy.comIn the simplest words that could be used, Folksy is a marketplace for things that are handmade. People who make their way to the site can buy and sell these things that they have created themselves, and also become part of an active community in which everything that has to do with such a craft is discussed.

Connections can be made, and tips can be exchanged.

The site is browseable by category, and these include “Clothing”, “Jewelry”, “Gadgets and Geekery”, “Homeware”, “Soaps and Oils”… I think you can more or less imagine how the list continues.

Moreover, the site is searchable in four different ways, as you can apply any of these refinement labels when looking anything up: “Handmade goods”, “Materials”, “Makers” and “¨People”.

Top picks are highlighted on the main page, and featured sellers are likewise showcased for new members to become acquainted with others more easily, and for those who are already members of the community to strengthen already-existing bonds. In Their Own Words

“Folksy is a place to buy handmade things, and for makers to sell their work and find supplies. Based in the UK, Folksy aims to reclaim craft and showcase talented makers and their work.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let people looking for products that are made by hand and those who can provide them connect and trade without limitations of any kind.

Some Questions About

How many artisans are already registered on the site?