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FocusGrooper Makes Market Research Much Easier For Everyone Involved

Wanna know what group those busy market researchers have overlooked despite doing so much homework?


Market researchers!


The market research industry has been one disjointed mess, clearly in need of a tool that makes navigating the field easier.


Fortunately, FocusGrooper hit the books for everyone else. This web application is a market research engine that lets businesses search, compare, and contact market research companies. For free! Likewise, market research facilities, for a fee below competitor rates, can join FocusGrooper and grow their business through an improved web presence.


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At heart, FocusGrooper connects all the players in the industry. Those in need of services can find the right match more quickly and easily, without paying any fees. Service providers can cost-effectively market their business. Those who’d like to earn money by participating in research can sign-up and get paid for their insights.


One tool that empowers suppliers, buyers and focus group participants in market research to connect with one another easily – refreshingly simple and clear.


FocusGrooper facilitates connections for a wide range of research. Here is a list of just some of the types of research covered:

  • Biometrics Research
  • Data Collection Field Services
  • Data Services
  • Ethnography / Observational Research
  • Hybrid Research
  • Interviewing – Audience
  • Interviewing – Location
  • Interviewing – Method
  • Mobile Research
  • Omnibus Surveys
  • Online Communities
  • Online Data Services
  • Online Focus Groups / Interviews
  • Online Panels
  • Online Survey-Related Services
  • Online Surveys
  • Panels
  • Qualitative Services
  • Qualitative Services – Moderating
  • Qualitative Services – Related
  • Questionnaires
  • Research Software
  • Sampling
  • Survey Recruiting
  • Technical Services


Market research companies that join the platform – including agencies, moderators, focus group facilities, individual professionals – pay a straightforward flat fee that saves them the trouble of weighing tiered pricing plans or the headaches of per-feature pricing. With FocusGrooper, they instead enjoy a customized listing that is both more attractive and visible to potential clients (thanks to sharp SEO and simple web design).


Members control their listings. They can add their social media accounts, highlight their specialities, upload photos and documents to better convert more potential clients. A dashboard and powerful analytics let members painlessly store, track, and review participant information as well as manage requests for proposals (RFPs) without trouble.


More value, less hassle – you have to tip your hat to FocusGrooper’s approach. It’s a win-all-around platform.


Need to test a new product? Want to assist in research? Tired of struggling to drum up clients for your firm? Let FocusGrooper do the heavy lifting for you. Learn more about how you can use this tool to make industry connections at


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