– A Social Network Based on Photos

Fociki.comFociki is the latest social network to hit the scene. This basic site focuses on the importance of photos, and encourages users to post their most creative and interesting pics.

Currently, there are 11 users signed up on the site, jointly contributing a total of 57 pictures. With Fociki, users have access to typical social networking functions. Once they create their own profiles, they may update their personal information with their location, age, gender, and contact information, such as Skype, MSN and AIM screen names, and home or cell phone numbers. Users may add each other and send messages freely. This is not an overly secure or private site, as users do not need to have an existing account to view other users’ profiles and contact info. In Their Own Words

“Because photos are the easier way to share your life with your friends, Fociki is unlimited and free!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Fociki has potential to grow and become a small tight-knit social network. If the site were to further focus on photography and pictures, it could develop its own niche.

Some Questions About

How can Fociki be further developed to be able to compete with existing social networks? How can more users be attracted to the site? How can the importance of pictures and photos be further stressed to possibly develop a niche?