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FMyBoss.comWith the economy the way it is, you can’t afford to lose your job by giving your boss an angry reply face-to-face, even when he fully deserves it. No, you’ve got to play it quiet and avoid any unnecessary confrontations while you are at the office. After all, there’s other ways to let off the steam after a particularly disparaging day at work. Just look at this new website. is where you can rant and vent about anything bad that your job has done to you, or to the office on the whole. This is a site that can be used anonymously, and there’s no language filter of any kind. So, you can let things out as naturally and aggressively as you want. That’s the whole point of making catharsis, isn’t it? Let all that’s got you worried and depressed come out.

FMyBoss comes last in a really long string of sites that let people voice their feelings and complain about everything like Peegly and, and it’s going to face direct competition from a site such as BossBitching. BossBitching has actually got a much better rating system for rants, maybe the ones behind FMyBoss would like to look into that. In Their Own Words

Submit your story, rant about your boss.

Some Questions About

Are you allowed to name brands on your rants?

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