Never Get Caught Without Proof Of Onward Travel Again

Today’s Killer Startup: FlyOnward




Elevator Pitch

FlyOnward provides travelers with onward flight itineraries for only $9.99.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

The first time it happened, I was at JFK at four in the morning, headed back to Guatemala after a Thanksgiving visit back home. I was exhausted and disoriented from staying up too late drinking with my little brother and then having to get up too early in order to catch my flight. I was almost through the check-in process when the guy behind the counter asked to see the details for my return flight.


Um, what?


Turns out, this particular airline was stricter than others about the “rule” that you have to have proof of onward travel, and the dude straight up wasn’t going to let me board until I showed him my proof. Now, I’m a very frequent traveler and have traveled on one way tickets for years, but that didn’t save me from having to kick my blurry brain into gear and go online to find a ticket that would work.


Further research revealed that the reasons airlines do this — and even whether or not it’s really a law — are unclear. However, common consensus seems to be that it’s about the customs regulations of the country you’re going to. Apparently the airlines are responsible for getting you back home if the customs agents at your destination don’t let you in because you don’t have proof of onward travel.


Shelling out an unexpected hundreds of dollars puts a bummer on any traveler’s plans — which is why I’m going to keep FlyOnward bookmarked from now on. FlyOnward lets you “rent” an onward itinerary as proof of onward travel, which is great if you’re not quite sure when you’re going to leave the country or if you’re planning on traveling by land. The site is run by a travel country that is legally allowed to purchase tickets on behalf of customers and then cancel them again for up to 48 hours afterward. For only $9.99, they’ll provide you with proof of onward travel and also cancel the ticket for you so you don’t have to worry about taking care of that fun process when you’re exhausted and jet lagged.


This is probably my favorite travel hack that I’ve seen in ages. Totally worth the $9.99. Digital nomads and other frequent travelers: Get up on it.



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