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Flynumber.comIf you have relatives or friends living abroad and you miss them dearly, then this is a service you should try out at least once. It will let you get in touch with them by using virtual numbers and free forwarding.


This service comes in two different incarnations: you can get a phone number that is actually local to you, and have it forwarded to the destination you are trying to reach, or you can get a phone number that is local to the person you are calling, and have that forwarded to you.

In either case, the supported services include Skype, Google Talk and also landlines and mobile numbers. Of course, when it comes to regular phones there are rates that have to be paid on top of the fees you have to pay for using Flynumber. These prices include unlimited minutes and free forwarding to all of the services that were mentioned above, and they change from country to country. For instance, if you were to call someone in the UK you would be charged about $ 3.25 per month. In Their Own Words

Cheap international calls with virtual numbers and free forwarding.

Why It Might Be A Killer

For the simple reason it is much cheaper than calling by regular means, and in many contexts it is also be more comfortable.

Some Questions About

Are there setup fees to be paid for using Flynumber?

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